Joe Hockey: Yzma in disguise

I know I’m a couple of weeks late to the analysis of Joe Hockey’s latest infuriating, insensitive, ignorant, out-of-touch comment (rest assured, I’m sure he’ll make another one soon). The comment I’m referring to specifically (you’ve got to be specific when discussing Joe Hockey’s gaffes – there’s just so many of them!) is when he told first home buyers that in order to buy a house in the housing-bubble cities of Sydney or Melbourne (although it’s not exactly easy to buy a house in any of the capital cities in Australia), they should “get a good job that pays good money.”

Right. Helpful. Thanks, Joe.

I was reminded of Hockey’s statement and I’m writing about it now because I came across a Disney-villain gif which perfectly illustrates his feelings about people unable to get into the housing market. (If you just want to see which gif I’m talking about, scroll to the bottom.)

But before I undertake cutting political analysis with a gif, let’s just look a little closer at Hockey’s “advice.” See, not only was Hockey’s comment profoundly unhelpful in terms of housing-market advice, it also just didn’t make sense: as  Leonore Taylor, the political editor at The Guardian writes, “the more you look at it, the more questions it raises. Does the treasurer think housing affordability a problem or doesn’t he?” As an aside, I definitely suggest you read Taylor’s article if you want a succinct yet nuanced discussion of how Hockey’s comment belies a political agenda determined to have it both ways. That is, as Taylor notes, in April, the Coalition, lead by Hockey, has created a “housing affordability task force” yet, only a couple of weeks ago, were hypocritically vilifying Labor for speculating whether there was a Sydney housing bubble, saying that Labor was determined to “smash house prices.”

Ultimately, I’m not a political correspondent; I’m not beholden to producing long form analysis of all the bizarre, hypocritical spin that the Coalition (and, more and more frequently, Labor) produce. My political analysis comes in the forms of witty pictures. Thus, I leave you with a gif of Yzma, the villain from the criminally underrated Disney film, The Emperor’s New Groove, which I think perfectly encapsulates Hockey’s attitude towards everyone who can’t buy houses:

The resemblance between Yzma and Hockey is also of note. Source:
The physical resemblance between Yzma and Hockey is also noteworthy. Source:

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